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About Us

UniverSOUL Hip Hop is a multicultural group of authentic and socially engaged dance practitioners with a mission to bring transformative, SOUL-centered dance performance and education into diverse communities. We pursue community, justice and joy through Hip Hop, with a vision to cultivate experiences that transform culture and restore the human spirit and family.

from the roots

Birthed by Black and Brown American youth and rooted in the African diaspora, Hip Hop is an inclusive, transcendent practice of LIBERATION that frees us to express our stories, embrace the beauty within, and envision a world to be.  It is an unfolding, UniverSOUL tapestry of our shared humanity.

UniverSOUL artists are lifelong practitioners that draw on the origins and impact of Hip Hop/Street dance as a cultural agent to empower both individual and communal identities.  We cultivate cross-cultural and intergenerational experiences.  All are invited to “COME AS YOU ARE” and be transformed.

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core values


We invest in people over profit, with love being the core and force of our efforts.


We uphold ourselves to high standards in both the lifelong cultivation and delivery of our craft.


We commit to living and continuing the rich culture and heritage of Hip Hop.


We nurture the creative potential and fulfillment uniquely inherent in all individuals and communities.


We bring joy, wonder, and positivity into life and learning experiences.


We passionately believe that service is fundamental to being an artist.


thank you for your support!

UniverSOUL Hip Hop is created from and for the community. We stay true to the human-centered values and movement of Hip Hop to empower people with joy, expression, empathy, and belongingness.


Your support will allow us to strengthen our infrastructure, sustain our missionary work, and increase the scope and creative potential of our programs.

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